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Having a home inventory contributes to "peace of mind" when it comes to unexpected disasters or situations.  Having a comprehensive, accurate and easily accessible home inventory report is invaluable for possible insurance claims or police reports. It can be your best defense against loss due to accident, theft or natural disaster.

Imagine your house engulfed in a fire, or pipes burst while you're away or even worse your home is flooded by unexpected torrential rain.  If you live in or near a flood zone the latter is not too hard to imagine.  You may think that the chances of a disaster striking your home or burglary are slim which makes home inventory much like insurance. You don't need it until you need it!

Let's consider some of the reasons why having an inventory is so important...

  • Minimize the stress of producing a list of every itme you lost after a fire, natual disaster or theft.
  • Burglary may not result in a total loss but having an accurate inventory will help remembering stolen items an easier task.
  • Speed up the insurance claim process with minimal hassle.
  • Divorce, probate and bankruptcy is hard enough.  Having an inventory can prove to be invaluable during these tough times.
  • A home inventory helps the process of relocation,  moving and downsizing. Making certain that nothing is left behind. 
  • Estate planning becomes a bit easier as you make note of heirs of certain possessions in hopes of minimizing disagreements.
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Let's face it, taking inventory takes time.  If you've gathered anything from this, time isn't always on our side.  Avoid trying to create an accurate record during a time of loss, focus on that need before it is too late.  N' Line Organized Design recognizes the importance of having an inventory of your

N' Line Organized Design recognizes the importance of having an inventory of your belongings so we take great care in the details.  We can help you document your personal assets and possessions as a home project.  When the time comes, all you will need to do is access your records electronically.  No searching your memory to determine what, when, where and how much of each item in your home.

Inventory Package Options

We offer packages to help you take the first steps in creating and maintaining an inventory of you home's contents and personal belongings. Choose the package that best fits your needs.

The Basics

    • Photos of Front & Back of the Home
    • Photos of Each Space (room) in Your Home
    • Categorization & Assignment of Inventory Room-by- Room (including cost and serial #s)
    • Personal account to update your inventory after the initial project is complete.
    • An electronic PDF report


Close Detail

Includes Basic Home Inventory service, plus:

  • Uploading & Categorization of Important Home Docs (i.e. Home Warranty, Insurnce Policy, etc.)
  • Digital Photo of Side View of Home
  • Scan of Receipts & Input of Descriptions of Major Appliances & Furnishings(<$500 value)

Finer Details

Includes Basic & Close Detail Home Inventory plus:

  • One Printed & Bound Copy of Your Inventory Report
  • Upload of Digital Photos of Landscape
  • Scan of Receipts of Individual Possessions (>$500 value)

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