fresh-cut flowers and greenery

Greenery Brings the Outside In – A Home Staging Secret

Do you enjoy fresh-cut flowers and greenery on your dining room table or displayed beautifully in the foyer of your home?

If you enjoy it, chances are that potential home-buyers will enjoy them too.  If you have bushes, a flourishing flower garden or even a couple planter boxes filled with your favorite flowers or plants,  you can easily find ways to bring nature indoors to help liven up your space.  Bringing fresh greenery into your home brings a certain warmth that homebuyers are looking to achieve.  It can even point their attention to the beautiful bouts of natural plants and flowers surrounding the home they are considering to purchase.

Don’t be afraid to mix colors, leaves and other natural textures to create a beautiful arrangement to be displayed in places that need a touch of color.  Home Staging is not just about setting the stage with furniture, decor, and accessories, it’s about creating an emotional attachment for the buyer.  What better way, than to create space that elicits comfort and peace.  Be sure to not go overboard to avoid stirring up allergic reactions or cause the potential homebuyer that they don’t have a “green thumb” but do just enough to help them visualize them home where they can “stop and smell the roses”…literally just by using the natural resources around you.