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Discovery + Introductions

Prior to meeting potential clients in person, we prefer to have  a  Discovery session over the phone (or video) to talk about  expectations and goals for working with a Professional Organizer. 

During this session, prospects are asked a series of question to determine how we may be able to help them meet their goals.  In turn, we are also there to answer their questions as well.  

Consultation + Commitment Investment

If all goes well with the Discovery session, we will schedule an on-site consultation to meet in person.  We'll go over the areas or projects that were mentioned during Discovery.  

In order to schedule a consultation, a commitment fee is required to book an appointment on our calendar.  The fee is minimal but necessary to ensure that a consultation is productive.  

Packages vs. Hourly

We find that offering a package of hours works best for our clients and their budgets.  Having a set of hours helps to schedule projects effectively and encourages our clients to use their time well during session time.  Package hours are best used for de-cluttering and hands-on-organizing tasks.  We do however offer hourly rates for additional services such as personal shopping, space planning and installation services.  

Expectations Before Project

Prior to working with us, we look for prospective clients to clear on their expectations, goals, preferences, budget constraints and desired outcome.  

Expectations During Project

While working together to create your new space, we look for our clients to do their part to prepare for our sessions together by completing tasks as requested.  

Expectations After Project

We look to our clients to let us know how things are going with their new space after the project is completed.  At times, tweaks or adjustments are needed to complete the space.

Transfer of Skills + Participation

In order to design a space that fits our clients lifestyle, personality  and natural habits, we prefer project participation during sessions.   Client participation also helps us move along in the project particularly when there are decisions that need to be made.   

After we've worked together to establish your newly organized space, we aim to work with our clients on transferring and/or teaching skills to our clients so that they are able to maintain they're new space.

Product Installations

We do not provide installation services of products such as closet systems, cabinet systems, wall systems or any other systems generally used for space organization.  We can however arrange for installation by qualified general contractors.

Package Validity

Packages are good for 6 month starting from the date of the initial appointment.  Package hours do not include additional services such as personal shopping, space planning or installation services.   Fees for said services are due at the time of service.   

Recycling & Disposal

Our package fees include the arrangement of disposal or recycling of your belongings during the de-clutter or downsizing phase.  If clients would like for us to remove personal belongings that are no longer wanted in order to drop of at a local charity, we will seek approval before doing so on a case by case.

No Guarantee

Despite our best efforts to create a space that will help our clients become more organized, there is no guarantee that clients will adapt or develop the necessary habits to maintain their space.  However, we do guarantee that we will do our best to create systems and spaces that will help you become better organized.

Team Organizing

If the approval or involvement others (i.e. family members or close friends) is needed, clients are expected to inform us of all participants so that clear roles can be established.  Depending on the project, a team of Professional Organizers may be suggested to the biggest impact when needed. 


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