For REALTORS or Real Estate Agents

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96% Buyers Agents say that Staging has an affect on how Buyers view a home.  62% of listing agents are offering this service as part of the benefit of listing with them.

As a REALTOR®, you know the keys to selling and closing  You may fully knowledgeable of what your clients need to do their home before it is listed.  You may even offer Staging as part of your service.  Some may not take a listing unless it is staged first.  The only problem is that you may not have the time to wear the hat of Home Stager AND REALTOR® /Real Estate Agent.

Ultimately, you are tasked with educating your client on how to properly prepare THEIR specific home for the best possible sale. However, sometimes telling your client that they need to remove the mounted deer head, moderately nude artwork on the wall or the framed collage of family photos is a difficult task.   If the property is empty, convincing them that a room with a sitting chair and picture that they left behind is not going to help set the stage for the potential buyers to mentally move into each space.

It may be easy to tell a prospect that you'll take them on as a client, however, telling them, "Oh, by the way, the layout of that room needs to change completely!" or "All of the trophies that your kid won during their basketball championship years, have to go!" may not be so easy.  This is where an ASP® Stager comes into the picture. Not only do we respect your position in the selling process, we understand your challenge to do it all yourself.   

Owner-Occupied Home Staging

Having a partnership with an ASP® Home Stager allows you to send in the Staging professional to talk with your client about the difficult decision to put away their personal or valuable items to appeal to the widest amount of potential buyers. We provide an honest objective critique of the entire house from a buyer's perspective. Our services help you and your client edit (de-clutter), depersonalize, design and stage using existing furniture and decor. If needed we can even arrange to add select furniture pieces or decor to properly set the stage.

Vacant Home Staging

For your vacant properties, having a partnership with an ASP® Home Stager keeps an "Ace" in your pocket (so to speak). When the client comes along that wants you to sell their home and "Oh, by the way, it's VACANT, we took everything except the few pieces we didn't' want!". Give us a call to come in for a walk through to determine the right amount of furniture to bring into the home.

Let us help you help your client!

We are currently seeking to develop partnerships with a select few of local REALTORS® and reputable brokerage firms to serve as an extension of their services.  When you take on a new client, include our consultation service as an introduction to your services.  The consultation fee will be based on the square footage and will include up to a two-hour walk-through and written a prioritized report for you and your client to use as a roadmap. We offer partnership rates for consultation to minimize the upfront investment by REALTORS®.

After you and your client have reviewed the recommendations if your client chooses to have N' Line do the actual hands-on-staging, I will work with them directly (with your blessing) to finish the project.  You will be kept well informed throughout the process.  If you are interested in standing out amongst the crowd by building a valuable business relationship with an Accredited Staging Professional, please contact us directly so that we may discuss partnership possibilities.