Home Organizing

Is clutter taking over your space causing you more stress?  It's time to Declutter your home and regain the peace within.  However, achieving an organized home is no small task. Not only do you have to regularly declutter and go through the things that you keep in your home but have to learn to be protective of the organized space that you have created.  

I'm here to tell you that being organized is essential to living a stress-reduced lifestyle.  Organization helps to keep things in place so that you can focus on being living a life of purpose.  N' Line Organized Design can walk you through the steps of creating an organized home from beginning to end.  Together we will declutter and create custom solutions just for you while making sure you have the confidence, tools, and knowledge to maintain it long after we're gone.  

Declutter Your Space

time to declutter, just do it

It's time to declutter! Going through your belongings room-by-room to determine what should stay and what should go can be exhausting, time-consuming and challenging to say the least.  If you find it hard to get started and to stay focused, N' Line Organized Design is here to help. We'll work together to sort through the clutter and help you make the hard decisions that are necessary to move on to the next step in reclaiming your space.

Organize Your Space

Declutter and Organize Your Spaces

After you've made it through the decluttering phase, we'll focus on creating organizational system(s) and spaces that that will help you keep the clutter at bay.  This step is essential to staying organized because even if you fall behind, having a system in place will help you get back on track effortlessly.  Together we will uncover your natural habits and figure out the right tools, system and/or processes that will help you take control and maintain.

Design Your Space

after you declutter and organize, time to design

Although, design is normally the final step in bringing your space together clients sometimes start here before organizing so that their systems are influenced by their design.  Either way, we will work together to design a space that not only works well for you functionally but also looks and feels great.  A space that motivates you to keep your new-found area well maintained and clutter-free.

Organizing: Hourly or Package Options

We offer hourly pricing as well as package pricing for our clients.  We not only aim to help our clients meet their organizational goals but also help them be good stewards of their finance by provided options to purchase organizing services as a package of hours.  A package allows our clients to get a set amount of hours for a set amount. Take a look at the options that we provide below.   

Starting Point:

  • 1 Hour Consultation 
  • 8 Hours to de-clutter & organize

Helping Hands:

  • 1 Hour consultation 
  • 12 Hours to de-clutter & organize

Shoulder to Lean On:

  • 1 Hour consultation 
  • 16 Hours to de-clutter & organize


  • 1 Hour consultation 
  • 20 Hours to de-clutter & organize

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