Owner-Occupied Staging

Living in your home while it is on the market is challenging because you have to keep your home ready for a showing and be ready to vacate...sometimes at a moments notice. Not only do we understand that challenge, we understand the allowances that prospective home buyers are willing to make knowing that the home is occupied.

We can help arrange you home that will minimize the look of an occupied home! Using exiting furniture and decor in your home, we'll create a space that is comfortable for you to live in yet de-personalized enough so that buyers can walk through your home without feeling like they are invading someone else's space. It's a fine balance between the two. 

Step 1: Consult and Plan

Consultation: Visit Your Home

Whether you'd like to stage your entire home or just a few rooms, we'll start with a consultation.  During our meeting, I'll walk through you home noting the areas that should be addressed before placing your home on the market.   I ask that you allow a 2-hour window for the consultation so that we can cover every area of your home.

Plan of Action: Customized Report

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After the consultation, we'll provide a detailed report of the home's best-selling points along with specific suggestions of what to relocate, remove, add, update, de-clutter, de-personalize or repair.  When we walk away from your home, you and your REALTOR will have a prioritized action plan in your hands (or email)  that you can use right away.

Step 2: Put the plan into action - 2 Options:

D.I.Y.: You Stage; We Touch Up

You can either use the report we provide as a D.I.Y. road map to help guide you through the process.  If you are a "Do It Yourself" type then this option may work best for you.  If you would like, we can even come back out to fine tune the changes you've made.

Relax: We'll Stage for You

put your feet up and relax

If DIY is not your preference, we will provide a bid during the consultation for us to handle the staging for you.  Using the consultation report, we'll identify the areas where you would like to proceed. We can do as little or as much as you would like.  Your decision.

MLS Photo Consultation & Retakes

MLS photos play a vital role in the presentation of your home to potential buyers (see research listed below).  Like everything else in life, the first impression is key! If your MLS photos don't portray a home that is spacious, clean and cared for the potential buyer will see no reason to visit the house in person.  At the very least, they will add your home to the bottom of their list.  Why take that chance?


To show your home in the best possible light is to have your MLS photos taken by a professional; someone who know the right angles and images to include in your showcase package.  After we are done staging, I'll work with you and/or your REALTOR to arrange a session with a local MLS photographer.  If you've chosen to go the D.I.Y. route, that's fine too.  We can schedule the photographer after the "fine tune" session to make sure the home is picture perfect.

Did you know...

"According to the National Association of Realtors, 44% of recent buyers, the first step that they took in the home buying process was to look online at properties for sale."

"The typical buyer who used the internet in 2016 searched for a home for 10 weeks and visited 10 homes compared to those that did not use the internet, the spent four weeks search and visited four homes."

"Among buyers who used the internet during their home search, 89% of buyers found photos very useful"

A typical staging project starts at around $400 for a 1-2 room redesign. It can take close to a 1/2 day to complete.  For an entire home project (under 2,000 - 2,500 sqft) can take roughly 2 days with an investment of roughly $1500.  Not including bringing in any outside supplies, inventory, packing or personal shopping.  Every staging project is different, so it is billed on an hourly basis.

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