About us.

Nicole Phillips, ASP & Professional Organizer

Helping my clients tackle the seemingly impossible and challenging projects in their home is my idea of living life on purpose.  I really enjoy coming up with solutions to help my clients free themselves from the clutter and the stress.  When it comes to organization my motto is…use it or lose it!  Plain and simple.   When it comes to home staging, I believe that first impression is key! 

So how did I get here, you ask?  

I’ve spent over 12 years in the Oil & Gas Industry managing conference logistics, planning (and designing) events and managing internal renovation or space planning projects.  So, my background is in event planning and project coordination.  Basically, I’ve spent most of my life organizing and planning in some sort of way…even in my early adolescent years.

Through home organizing, I encourage my clients to take back the control of their space so they can spend their valuable time on living life to the fullest.

Through home staging services, I empower my clients with the tools needed to showcase their home in the best possible light so that they stand out in a competitive market.

Simply put…I enjoy what I do!

Why Staging?

I’ve been on the other side of the home buying experience and can honestly say that there are many home owners that have no idea on how to properly prepare and market their home.  My background in organizing spaces and my experience as a home buyer (twice) led me to pursue my interest in home staging.   I want to teach home sellers how to showcase their home effectively.

Why Home Organizing?

I have a knack for organizing and an insatiable need for order…which means I drive my family crazy with the whole “everything has it’s place”.  O..k. I’m not that bad but I do try create systems and spaces that helps us stay (and/or get) organized during life’s craziness.  Organizing is my way gaining (or maintaining) control. It doesn’t mean that I’m ALWAYS organized, it just means that I put systems in place to help me get there.

What do I love?

I love…Saturday mornings, cuddling with my fur-baby, Harley; milk chocolate and almonds mixed together; finding a solution to someone’s problem; implementing change; creating a better way to do something; converse tennis shoes, the soothing sound of rain; awesome foot massages; using hardware tools; donating my time and labor to a cause; color and creative outbursts.

Why Houston?

Houston became home to me in the Winter of 2002.  After college, I moved here to be closer to family, met my DH and gave birth to our one and only son soon afterwards.  Houston has grown on me.  Although, I will say that the Summers here in Houston is brutal! In fact, that’s normally the time that I’d like to run back home to Seattle, WA just to escape the humidity.   

My personal mantra

Live life out loud and on purpose!

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