Move Management Services

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Does this look and sound familiar?

  • How am I going to make this happen with my busy schedule?!?
  • Your schedule is so full that you just can't find the time handle all of the many details.  
  • "I just wish someone could do this for me!"
  • I need someone to manage all of the "moving" parts to make this move run more smoothly.  
  • "My last move was a nightmare!"

Whether your downsizing, upsizing, or rightsizing, N' Line Organized Design Move Managment Services will bring you peace of mind.

Having an organized move takes careful planning and consideration.  Not only do you need to tend to the "old" home as you leave but you have to prepare for your new home.   Having a plan is essential to minimizing the stress of the move; helping you transition into your new space smoothly.  We can oversee and manage the entire relocation project or just simply be available for certain aspects of your move. 

We can help with as little or as much as you need to ensure that everything gets done in a timely, organized manner.  We offer services that you can choose from in an a la carte type fashion.  You simply choose the services that will work best for you.  After our initial consultation, you will be provided with a written estimate based on the scope your move.  

Move Preparation & Planning

  • Act as a Project Manager during the entire move process; Prepare a customized action plan and timeline for the move based on the scope of the work and your unique needs.
  • Coordinate all vendors, contractors and service professionals involved in the moving process: movers, building management, decorators, etc. 
  • Sort what will be sold, donated, given to others and trashed
  • Arrange donation and removal of unwanted items
  • Create space plan for your new home
  • Arrange for storage unit, if needed
  • Arrange for document shredding and hazardous waste disposal
  • Arrange for transfer of utilities and and address changes

Moving Day

  • Supervise the moving company from start to finish
  • Assist in the last minute packing of bedding, toiletries, coffee maker, remaining dishes, food
  • Assist in disconnecting TVs, computers, appliances, etc.
  • Pack and transport refrigerated items in ice chests
  • Connect TV, phone, computer, lamps etc. in new home
  • Ensure furniture and boxes are placed according to plan by the movers

Old Home Service

  • Arrange for final trash & charity pickup service
  • Arrange for and oversee professional cleaning services
  • Oversee professional services; handyman, carpet cleaners, etc.

New Home Service

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  • Monitor professional cleaning services prior to move-in
  • Supervise the unpacking, furniture placement and assembly
  • Arrange for grocery delivery for the first week in your new home
  • Make beds in new home
  • Arrange for art and collectible display and installation

See our Packing/Unpacking Service for more options.

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