Race Against Time

A Race Against Time – An Organizing Trick to Get things Done

Have ever stood at the door of a room and realized that you need to get it organized but never seem to have the time to do?  Or perhaps it’s organized but it just needs to be picked up to get it back into functional space again.  Well, I’ve experienced both.  I see you raising your eyebrows thinking, “…but she’s a Professional Organizer, how can she have a room that looks like mine?!?”  


Well, the answer to that is that I’m human which is also means that I’m busy. Like you, there seems to be very little time available to do get things back in order much less get them in order in the first place.  I’ve heard people say, “where do I begin?” or wonder if they’ll ever have enough time.


I’d like to share a trick that I use at home to either clean up a space or get things back into an “organized” state.  I often suggest this to my clients to help them tackle areas or even rooms in record time.  I will say that this only works if you work well under pressure.  I found out early in life that I thrive under pressure so this fits right in with how I work.  


Basically, I do exactly what the title says.  I race against time.  I find something to race against and use that time to get as much as done as I can without stopping.  So for instance, If I’m watching my recorded daytime stories in the evening, instead of fast forwarding through the commercials, I use that time to get something done.


Another example is if it’s Saturday morning and I don’t have to rush off to a client or run an errand, I will use the fact that my husband will be home any minute to see how much I can get done.  Once the time is up, I celebrate all that I was able to accomplish in a short amount of time.   


If you use this method enough, before you know it, you will have an entire space or room de-cluttered, organized or cleaned up.  There is one rule to the game…you do not get to beat yourself up for what you didn’t get done!  You could use this method to tackle areas that look as though they could take forever or you can use it to conquer smaller areas.  Just have fun with it!