Vacant Home Staging

Are buyers having a hard time seeing themselves in your home?

Buyers may be wondering how their own furniture can be configured into the empty space or perhaps they are curious about the purpose of a specific room and if that space will work for them.   Don't leave it up to the buyer to imagine the full potential of your home. 

Set the stage for them!

N' Line Design will get your home furnished, styled and staged to highlight the purpose & function of each space allowing the buyer to mentally move into their new home.  Whether you'd like to stage the 5 major areas of a home or you'd like to a complete staging for your entire home, we can help!

confused home buyers
Only 10% of home buyers can visualize the potential of a home when it is vacant.

It's not just about "throwing some furniture" in your house - you can do that yourself! Let us help you objectively and brillantly stage your home!

Vacant Staging Packages


5-point staging covers the 5 most important areas in the home; the Master Bedroom, Master Bath, Living Room, Kitchen and Dining Room.  By focusing on these areas, buyers will be able to get a feel for the home's most-used areas helping them to mentally plan the other areas of the home. 


All-Point Staging covers the entire home from the front door to the back fence.  We'll focus on key furniture placement through space planning and effective design to help the buyer see how they will fit into their new home.


You decide which rooms you'd like to include in the staging package.  If you'd prefer to stage one or two rooms to give the potential buyers an idea of what a particular space can be used for because it's awkwardly shaped or stands out a bit more than the rest of the house, this option would work well for you.  This option allows you to pick and choose based on your needs. 

The "Emotional Factor" is key to the Home Buying experience!

People buy a home that they become emotionally attached to in some way.  A home that they can see themselves living in for years to come.  Even if the house is move-in ready it's hard to become attached to an empty space simply because it stunts the imagination.

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