Dubsado – Client Automation

Dubsado was (is) my first go around for client automation.  I ran into Dubsado while trying to figure out how I can automatically send my potential client a proposal without pulling over to open my email or waiting until I got home to open up my laptop.  I figured, there has got to be a better way…especially with technology advancement.

In walks Dubsado.   O.k. Dubsada didn’t WALK in per se but its name sure does sound cool enough where I can picture it walking into a saloon in a western movie…coming to save the day.  Anyway, I digress…Dubsado came into my life just in time to set up a new system that would help me stay on top of the many tasks that need to be done.  The tasks that can either be missed or delayed…especially as a Solo-Entrepreneur.

So what is Dubsado…it’s is an answer to your automation woes.  Dubsado is the brain-child of a Husband and Wife team who set out to create a HUB that will help them work more efficiently.  A place where they could keep everything related to that one client in an effort to avoid toggling between several apps.   They started out small but they have grown with a couple hand full (or more) employees and from what I can see they are pretty dedicated to improving their product to help other improve upon theirs.

Giving Dubsado a shot will be a decision that will boost the productivity of your entire business processes.  Try it and see!

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