Match Your Actions with Your Goals; Productivity will Follow

Have you ever wondered why it seems as though some people seem to have a lot going on in their life…meeting their goals, accomplishing what they set out to do but for some reason, it’s difficult for you to even get started?  

There are many productivity consultants, business consultants, coaches and well-meaning friends and family that will tell you that if you want something to happen or change in your life (or your business) you have to not only set your goals but you have to take action to meet those goals.  

Well, what happens when you take action, meaning you get moving or you start making progress?  Your productivity level increases…meaning that you start producing results.  The actions that you take toward reaching your goals leads to results.

I’m not going to tell you that it is easy.  Identifying your goals, taking action on those goals all for the sake of producing results, is not easy as well.  I also am not going to draw this out to come up with some profound words…especially if they’ve been said already.

However, what I will say is that if you don’t identify your goals and get moving on making progress toward those goals, you will never reach them…plain and simple.

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