Dubsado – Client Automation

Dubsado was (is) my first go around for client automation.  I ran into Dubsado while trying to figure out how I can automatically send my potential client a proposal without pulling over to open my email or waiting until I got home to open up my laptop.  I figured, there has got to be a […]

Tick Tick Task Management

Tick Tick is a colorful to-do list/task management application that provides plenty of customization options to assist you in your quest to become more organized so that you can become more productive.  I ran into this app while I was looking for more functionality (time-blocking) with my Google Tasks app on my Android.  Google Task […]

Trello – Kanban Board Style

Trello came into my life during a time when I had so many tasks floating around and no creative way to get them out.  Trello helps me do just that and more.  Not only do I use it to list tasks, but I also use it to break those tasks down into manageable and more […]
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