Tick Tick Task Management

Tick Tick is a colorful to-do list/task management application that provides plenty of customization options to assist you in your quest to become more organized so that you can become more productive.  I ran into this app while I was looking for more functionality (time-blocking) with my Google Tasks app on my Android.  Google Task upgrade option led me to Tick Tick.  I was intrigued because of the color scheme options and that there were various platforms that I could use the app on which is great in my book of productivity hacks.  Something that also led me to explore Tick Tick is that ability to use Pomodoro within the app.  I love that option because that means I could stay within my task and not use the completely separate app to Pomo my time as I work through my to-do list.

For the features that I mention above, you have to subscribe to their service but it’s well worth the expense especially if it gets you closer to being the “productive, in-control of your own destiny” human being.  I started using the app on my Samsung android but I just recently downloaded it onto my Chromebook.  I must say that the mobile app seems a bit easier to work with when it comes to setting up pomos for your tasks but the desktop version makes it easier to plan your day and time block as needed.

Tip:  On the desktop version, to turn on Pomodoro feature…go to “Settings”, then “Lab” to turn on the feature.  On the mobile app, it’s already available.

If this hasn’t convinced you to give it a try, look out for my upcoming video to get a peek on how the app works.

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